Growing Up Barefoot

I’m a native Virginian, raised in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountain range. Both my parents are avid supporters of “outdoor entertainment” and I spent most of my childhood wrapped up in barefoot adventures in the countryside. I began my journey in agriculture with an early fascination with animals and a passion for livestock. I participated in 4-H as a showman throughout middle and high school, and had aspirations to work towards an agricultural production career.¬†I am now an undergraduate at Virginia Tech, pursuing a double major in Animal and Poultry Sciences (livestock production emphases) and Dairy Science (production management emphasis).¬†Outside of the classroom I am a hobby artist and writer, a student athlete on the VT Women’s Rugby team, and work on a local family dairy as a milker and farm hand.

I just finished up a half year internship on a large organic dairy in Northern Germany and am set to graduate in December 2016. I am considering multiple post-graduate plans including working in dairy production management or pursuing a career in extension or private consultation.

For business inquiries please contact me at For blog related questions or discussion, please feel free to leave a comment anywhere on the page!

Thanks for reading!


A little bit about the reason behind this blog, and our duty to agriculture:




19 thoughts on “Growing Up Barefoot

  1. You are fantastic! We need to get your message to the masses! Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next entry.

  2. just a quick comment on your anti-PETA piece. As a Virginian and Animal rescuer, I agree with your stance, however many of us who work in rescue have had experience with PeTA’s heavy hand. In fact, you should know they do not acknowledge a right to life for companion animals – they euthanize them. A recent case in Virginia, a familiy’s pet was coaxed from the front porch and when the dog wouldn’t budge, video shows PETA folks stealing the dog who was later discovered dead. Read some of Nathan Winograd’s posts – along with him we campaign for No Kill Shelters. The No Kill Conference is coming up soon – you might be interested in understanding more of the insidiousness of PETA’a real agenda.

    • Thank you for the comment! I’ve read several articles/court documents about PETA euthanizing stolen animals or animals surrendered under the promise they were being “rescued” etc. However, I don’t know much about companion animal care and the laws involved so I didn’t want to comment on that in the post due to my lack of knowledge. I am interested to read those posts.

  3. Fellow blogger, dairy farmers daughter and Agricultural Communication student from California! Love your blogs and the way you present your messages. The agriculture industry needs more people like YOU. Keep up the great work!

  4. Hey, love your blog! You think you could talk about why we eat certain types of animals and not others (I.e. eating cows but not dogs)? I would be fascinated to hear your opinion =)

    • Thank you for the comment! That’s a topic that is actually really fascinating to me and I’d love to cover it. No guarantees on a timeline though, since I’m busy starting my senior year. Thanks for the inspiration!

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